Foundations will fund the grazing project on the Rhine island of the nature reserve

ile du rhin petite camargue alsacienne

Today, the Frey-Clavel Foundation decided to support the grazing project on the Ile du Rhin (Rhine island) of the nature reserve Petite Camargue Alsacienne with a large contribution, covering the costs for the first Konik horses, the Higland cattle, and the fences. Research funding is provided by the Fondation de bienfaisance Jeanne Lovioz, the Foundation Wolfermann-Nägeli, the Foundation Emilia Guggenheim-Schnurr, and the Ornithologische Gesellschaft Basel. Thank you all for making this project possible!

On the photo: the Ile du Rhin (France), with the city of Basel (Switzerland) in the background. The photo was taken in 2015; the area had been transformed from a cornfield into a nature area with ponds and river arms in 2013 / 2014.