Kimbly Pullens | Research interests

- Domestication and domesticated animals
- Spatial use and optimalisation of zoo and pet enclosures
- Wildlife conservation

Master project

Spatial use and interaction of individuals in a mixed-species zoo enclosure, housing Indian Rhinosuros (Rhinoceros unicornis), Indian hog deer (Axis porcinus), Visayan Warty Pig (Sus cebrifrons) and Nilgai (Boselaphus tragocamelus).

An observational study to investigate the spatial use of the enclosure by the different species: mapping the usage density to see where there are possibly points of improvement, and observing the behavioral interactions between the species to study whether the interactions are stressful or enriching.

The project is supervised by Prof. Dr. Valentin Amrhein and will be conducted in Dierenrijk, a zoo located in Mierlo, the Netherlands.

MSc in animal biology, University of Basel, Switzerland                                                                  
BSc in biology, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands


Kimbly Pullens

Kimbly Pullens

Department of Environmental Sciences, Zoology
University of Basel
Vesalgasse 1
4051 Basel