Start of dawn singing

Dawn singing in the Swiss National Park

As a nice Christmas present, Julia’s first PhD paper was published. She investigated the effects of different environmental variables on the start of dawn singing in six common songbird species in the Swiss National Park. Moon phase,…

Cross-border field course on the Rhine Island

Receiving the EUCOR Cross-border Education Grant allowed Lilla Lovasz to organize a joint field course for undergraduate students from both the University of Basel and the University of Strasbourg. The students explored field methods and…
Naturschutz in und um Basel

Nature conservation in and around Basel

The annual conference «Naturschutz in und um Basel» was founded 25 years ago by Bruno Baur. This year's event was organized and led by Yvonne Willi, Franziska Grob and Valentin Amrhein. About 150 conservationists listened to 10…
Team in Swiss National Park

Congrats on your Master thesis, Jeannine Fluri!

Jeannine did fantastic research on the influence of wild ungulates on forest regeneration in the Swiss National Park – the picture shows Jeannine (second from left) on a hike in the Swiss National Park on 6 October 2022 with our team.
Neff et al Nature Communications

What drives insect declines?

Climate and land-use changes are main drivers of insect declines, but their combined effects have not yet been quantified over large spatiotemporal scales. Fränzi and Tobias helped analysing changes in the distribution of 390 insect species…
Lilla Lovasz PhD defence

Congrats on your PhD, Lilla Lovász!

Lilla defended her PhD today – thanks for an excellent talk, and thanks for bringing the Konik horses to the Petite Camargue Alsacienne! The first two published papers from Lilla’s PhD can be found in the journals PeerJ and Global Ecology…
Journal of Information Technology

Four new papers on statistical methods and good research practice

In the last few months, we have published further commentaries on, and guidelines for, doing and interpreting quantitative research in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, in Trends in Ecology & Evolution and PLOS Computational Biology, and…
Master 2022

Congrats on your Master theses, Jinhwi Kim, Kimbly Pullens, and Anne-Cathérine Gutzwiller!

You did a great job! Now the second part of the work begins: trying to publish the study in a scientific journal ... For the topics of all three Master theses, see the page publications.

Saint Nicholas gift from BioConcept AG

We have received a kind donation from the company BioConcept AG, Allschwil – thank you very much for supporting our research!

Konik, Tarpan, European wild horse?

Lilla's long review is out: An origin story about horses, with implications for management of nature reserves. Congrats! See the link to the paper.