Franziska Studer

Congrats on your Master theses, Laura Belotti, Tabea Jandt, Patrizia Ugolini, and Franziska Studer!

For the topics of the theses, see the page publications. If we highlight the thesis of MSc Franziska Studer here, it is because her study was published in the journal Ornithologischer Beobachter as one of the first papers that are not about…

Swiss National Science Foundation project finished

Our SNSF-project «Landscape-scale functional diversity of plant, butterfly and bird communities along the Swiss elevation gradient» is finished – the results are documented in seven papers.
Konik horses Petite Camargue Alsacienne

The Konik horses arrived!

The first five Konik horses arrived on the Rhine island of the Petite Camargue Alsacienne.
Herbivores replace the lawn mower

Herbivores replace the lawn mower

The university presents the grazing project in the Petite Camargue Alsacienne on the main homepage and sends a media release, which is taken up by the national press.
Eurasian Marsh Frog credit Christoph Bühler

Invasion genetics of marsh frogs in Switzerland

The marsh frog is the number one amphibian invader in Western Europe. In Switzerland, marsh frogs were introduced in the 1950–1960s and progressively colonized most of the northern parts of the country. In a new study, we investigated this…
Masterfeier 2017

Master celebration 2017

Congrats on your Master, Simon and Lilla! From left: MSc Simon Hohl, MSc Lilla Lovász, Valentin Amrhein, Tobias Roth.
ile du rhin petite camargue alsacienne

Foundations will fund the grazing project on the Rhine island of the nature reserve

Today, the Frey-Clavel Foundation decided to support the grazing project on the Ile du Rhin (Rhine island) of the nature reserve Petite Camargue Alsacienne with a large contribution, covering the costs for the first Konik horses, the…
Lovász_2017_poster_Conference of the European Ornithologists Union_Finland

Poster prize for Lilla Lovász

Lilla Lovász won the prize for the best poster at the 11th Conference of the European Ornithologists Union in Turku, Finland. Congrats!

The earth is flat (p > 0.05)

After years of discussion and more than one decade of teaching applied statistics for biologists, Valentin, Fränzi and Tobias publish a very long paper on «The earth is flat (p > 0.05): significance thresholds and the crisis of unreplicable…
Jeanne Lovioz

Research grant from the Fondation de bienfaisance Jeanne Lovioz

The Fondation de bienfaisance Jeanne Lovioz will fund a doctoral thesis on the restauration of a large conservation area on the Ile du Rhin of the Petite Camargue Alsacienne. Many thanks! (On the picture: the benefactress Jeanne Lovioz)